The services offered comprehend study and development of formulations, production of pilot batches, industrial scale-up, dossier preparation for notification or registration purposes. Complete full service from the purchasing and control on raw materials to finished product release.


    Personalized consulting in the creation of new products. Development of formulations that are effective and suited to market trends.


    We have cutting-edge technology for producing blends that allows us to guarantee high quality in our final product, within a short period of time, with the option of reproducing batches and the appropriate treatment of each product.

    Furthermore, the particularity of each product is treated with the utmost attention from the very beginning of the blending process through filtration, industrial tests being carried out prior to the market launch of a new product.

    Under these parameters, our company offers a rigorous and committed service, ensuring safe manufacture and fulfilling our customers’ most stringent demands.


    Study of the packaging format that is most appropriate for market introduction in order to achieve the best possible communication and maximum profitability. We currently have the following packaging systems:

    • Vertical packaging: Stick packs.

    • Horizontal packaging: Individual and duplex sachets.

    • Cardboard and/or tin cans.


    A comprehensive service that lets you work with us as a strategic supplier. Every day the market calls for new packaging presentations, and in order to provide personalized, innovative service to each customer, we present automatic, customizable packaging formats.